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Italiano   Cava de' Tirreni - Salerno - Italia,  27 gennaio 2001.   EnglishEscher: Waterfall

The Waters in bottle through the labels.

The intent of these pages is that to pick the curiosity and to arouse interest on the collection of labels of waters bottles.

And' an a little known collection and perhaps a little practiced because considered "poor":
in reality it is rich of sprout historical, cultural, social, scientific and artistic.

All the data and the present news in these pages are contemplated to this purpose not skipping the most amusing aspect that is the possibility of exchange of material among collectors.

This is not a commercial site. All the data, the references and the images are exclusively objects and tools of collection.
All the marks belong to the respective owners.

The whole material of this site is freely reproducible and usable, provided that the source is quoted (http://www.acqua2o.it).
I decline every responsibility for possible errors, omissions or consequential damages from the use of these data.
I decline every responsibility for the contents of possible attainable external sites through present link inside the site.


After having visited the site, if you believe that this collection is also profit as information and you have available material,
I thank if you will
contact me to send me it.

If instead you are interested to begin a similar collection, you can
contact me equally and, if possible, I will send you in gift some labels.



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