The following pages want to be a panning on the production of the Italian waters that they are in commerce or they have been in commerce in Italy and accordingly also a guide of reference for the collectors of labels of such waters. 

Notes on the date (year) of the analyses of the listed waters. 
The analytical data of the bottled waters have been introduced only for law in 1971 and since then new analysis must have made every 5 years. As first 1919 were not obligatory to bring on the label the analysis and the date (only few did this and often only on the occasion of their first marketing), the analysis with the oldest date is always not the date of the first analysis. Some preceding waters to 1919, even if regularly sold, they didn't even have the label. 
In conclusion this cataloguing must be reads only in relationship to the existence of their labels. 

Aware that such list certainly is not exhaustive, it is me pleasant every signaling of his the integration and the correction of the data. 

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Rightful thanks to the Mr.
Carlo Brazzorotto of the Department of the Earth and Geologic-Environmental sciences of the university of Bologna that has facilitated my search with some his publications and also with his long experience in the sector and in to collect labels.